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Hayr Mer (Our Father)

Hayr Mer (Our Father)

Hayr mer vor hergins yes; (Our father who art in heaven;)
Soorb yeghitzi anoon ko. (Hallowed be thy name.)
Yegetze arkayootyoon ko; (Thy kingdom come;)
Yeghitzin gamk ko vorbes (Thy will be done)
Hergins yev hergri. (On earth as it is in heaven)
Uzhatz mer hanabazort door mez aysor. (Give us this day our daily bread.)
Yev togh mez uzbardis mer, vorbes (And forgive us our trespasses)
Yev menk toghoomk merotz bardabanantz. (As we forgive those who trespass against us)
Yev mi danir uzmez ee portzootyoon; (And lead us not into temptation;)
Ayl purgya uzmez ee chare. (But deliver us from evil)
Ziko e arkayootyoon yev zorootyoon yev park havidyans, Amen.
(For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours, now and forever, Amen.)

Here is a beautiful performance of the "Hayr Mer" by the Lusavoric Choir from Ankara, Turkey in one of their 2007 concerts:

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